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Party Event Security Hire

Party Event Security Hire

Weddings, Parties, Sporting Events and Social Gatherings, all are great events, however all are handful to both organise and run smoothly. This is where we can be of assistance, managing your security needs can simply be handed over to professionals. Event Guards trained are look after your event. Party Event Security Hire is a cost effective allowing you the guests to relax and enjoy the event.

Special Event Guards are trained in the maintenance and efficiency of a smooth and enjoyable event. They ensure continuity of flow, they minimise disruptions and deal with any occurrences in a timely and discreet manner.

Be it your wedding day, an 18th birthday, school formal or sporting event, a Special Event Security Officer can insure a multitude of things like:

  • invitees checking so that only those allow in are in attendance
  • the party or event’s itinerary is maintained
  • performers or special guests are looked after
  • the general safety and well being of all attendants is maintained
  • order and calm in case of emergency having a cold head in an emergency can saves and injury
  • protect equipment and presents
  • restrict access to areas according tot your requirement for example age or out of bounds
  • ensures sensible service of alcohol
  • metal detection is available to hire
  • bag searches to ensure no unwanted items enter the premises

For a free quote or information about party and event security Citiguard can provide you please call us on 1300 66 2468 or clink on the Free quote link on top of this page. We will be happy to make recommendations on the type of service you need. Every party or event is different and the type and number guards will vary as well the length of time you will need a security guard for. Also the duty they are required to carry out will change.  Citiguard will provide a quotation based entirely on your requirements


Party Event Security Hire
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Party Event Security Hire
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