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Welfare & Escorting Service

With a lot of businesses running either late into the night or even 24/7, staff safety and security is paramount. Not only from a safety point of view in regards to outside intruders, but also from a staff “well being” point of view.

In case of any unforseen incidents where a staff member has fallen and is rendered unconscious or incapacitated, a Welfare Check can randomly insure that all is well. Patrolmen can check on your staff and ensure that nothing untoward has happened to them giving you peace of mind.

Again, as more and more businesses work later hours, staff are finding themselves closing up with the bare minimum of staff on duty. This leaves the business vulnerable to would be intruders waiting for an opportunity for a quick money grab. Even worse than this is the prospect of your staff being held up on their walk from your business and their car. A Lockup and Escort Service has proven to be extremely beneficial as staff feel safer knowing that a trained security guard is watching over them while they count cash, lockup and are safely in their vehicles.

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